A diverse range of security.

We understand that security should not compromise the look of your home.



We have an extensive range of security door and window products to keep your home safe and looking stylish. We proudly supply Hard Core and Invisi-Gard products, our range includes:
Hard Core Door — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT

Welded Aluminium Security Doors & Window Grilles


Fully welded Aluminium security doors and windows offer uncompromised strength and security. Gone are the days that welded steel doors and windows made your home look like a prison. Now you can choose from a wide range of stunning designs that not only compliment the look of your home, but actually enhance it.

With a fully welded Aluminium frame and super hard alloy steel core, Hard Core security doors and window grilles give you the strength and beauty of traditional wrought iron but they won't rust or corrode.

Hard Core security doors and window grilles are available in an extensive range of designs and colours. We can also supply to your own unique design, ensuring your personal taste is reflected in all aspects of your home.
Victoria House — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT

Cast Panel Safety Doors


The decorative panels on these doors are made from cast aluminium fixed into an extruded aluminium frame. While not a security door, they do provide a durable and visually attractive barrier door when security is not required.

There are so many different designs and colours of cast doors you are sure to find one that looks great on your home.
Close Room — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT

Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Security


With heavy duty aluminium frames and high tensile marine grade 316 stainless steel wire, Invisi-Gard screens and doors offer unparalleled security with enhanced clarity of vision. Using the Extreme Grip Protection retention system, Invisi-Gard screens and doors will defy the most determined attack from both intruders and corrosion.