A diverse range of security.

We understand that security should not compromise the look of your home.



We know that there is no such thing as a 'one-size fits all' security solution for your home. Each security product we manufacture, supply and install is as individual as the house we are fitting it to.
Victoria House — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT



Specialists in made-to-measure security products. We manufacture a complete range of window and door security screens to suit your home. Because we offer made-to-measure, we can provide security and screening products to almost any opening, including bi-fold and large doors, casement and hopper windows, and patio enclosures.
Open Door — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT

Repairs and Alterations


We also do repairs and alterations to existing screens and doors, including re-meshing and replacing rollers and locks.
Door With frame — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT



A strong screen door is useless if the lock is easily broken and a lock doesn't help if the hinges can be jemmied from the door frame. Correct installation is the key to good security. We have an experienced team of installers who will ensure that your security doors and screens are installed correctly for the maximum levels of security for your home.
Close Room — Security Door in Coconut Grove, NT

Free Measure and Quote


We understand that when it comes to security for your home that your needs are individual, that's why we offer a free measure and quote service and comprehensive advice. Contact us to discuss your home security options or for a free measure and quote.